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Many BkAssist screens look subtly different in Version 2.0 than in Version 1.6. Check back here in November for updated screen shots.

Learn How to Use BkAssist

The following online tutorials give you step-by-step instructions, with screen shots, on using BkAssist.

Installing BkAssist

"Open Me First"—Ask your IT professional to read this tutorial before downloading and installing the product.

General Tutorials

How to Use BkAssist
Tutorial on Basic Usage

Creditor Names in BkAssist
Tutorial on entering and managing creditor names

Setting Up a New Case
Tutorial on how to create a new case in BkAssist

Generating Bankruptcy Forms
Tutorial on creating bankruptcy forms in BkAssist

Consumer Case Tutorials

Preparing & Filing a Case
Tutorial on preparing and filing a consumer Chapter 7 case with BkAssist

Assets and Exemptions
Tutorial on entering asset and exemption information in BkAssist

Tutorial on entering liability information in BkAssist

Credit Counseling & Financial Management
Tutorial on how to deal with credit counseling and financial management certificates

Monthly Income
Tutorial on entering income figures in BkAssist

Monthly Expenses
Tutorial on entering monthly expenses in a consumer bankruptcy case

Means Testing
Tutorial on means testing with BkAssist

Viewing the Tutorials

Each tutorial is a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

If you see a PowerPoint window when you start to view a tutorial, hit the F5 key (or select the View Show choice from the Slide Show menu.

Web browsers provide different methods to move from one slide to the next. If you don't see any navigation buttons, click on the scroll bar on the right-hand edge of the browser window.

Some browsers will trap you in the slide show so that you can't return to viewing this web page. To prevent that from happening, view the tutorial by right mouse clicking on the link and choosing to view the tutorial in a new tab or a new window.