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Seamlessly Fetch Chapter 13 Case Data

BkAssist has worked with the National Data Center to seamlessly translate data supplied by Chapter 13 trustees into actionable information.

Chapter 13 Information Reports

From the Tasks Page, a single button click will create a PDF report that summarizes the status of the case, lists the claims the trustee has received, and itemizes your client's payments into the plan.

This report is so easy to obtain that you can make periodic case review a regular part of your office procedure. You know why this is important—we are often the last to know that our clients are having a problem making their payments.

Claim Tracking

From the Claims Screen, you can ask BkAssist to download or refresh a local copy of the claims register via PACER. You can also click on an NDC button to fetch up-to-date disbursement information about each claim.

At the present time, trustees don't furnish data using the same claim numbers as appear on the court register. BkAssist therefore provides an easy way to correlate the claims register with the NDC dataset, which you need only do once during a case.

Amended Plans

To generate a post-confirmation amendment to a plan, you need to know several facts:
  • How much has the debtor paid into the plan?
  • How much has the trustee paid to creditors and other claimants?
  • How much does the trustee still have on hand?
A single button click on the Amendments Tab of the Chapter 13 worksheet will fetch this information, whereupon BkAssist can accurately forecast the future cash flow of the plan.

About NDC

The National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees created the NDC in 2001 to provide a centralized source for Chapter 13 case and claim information.

Nearly all of the Chapter 13 trustees in the country send their case information to NDC, from whence debtors' attorneys can retrieve it in a variety of formats.

To take advantage of the NDC data, you need to obtain a login (ask your trustee) and an API key (ask NDC after you obtain your login).