The Innovation Leader in Bankruptcy Software

BkAssist is designed for the way we think, not for the forms we file.

BkAssist uses a data-centric approach to gathering information that aligns with the way ordinary people think about their finances. This approach insulates you from future changes in forms and frees you from needing specially trained staff.

Other bankruptcy programs are form-centric, meaning that the user interface is oriented around the specific forms those programs know how to generate.

Assets, liabilities, income, and expenses — not schedules

Ordinary people (and non-specialist support staff) are used to thinking about finances in terms of assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. BkAssist lets you enter data in the same way.

BkAssist makes it possible to operate a bankruptcy practice without specially trained (and retrained every time the law or the forms change) staff, because ordinary people can glide through the BkAssist screens based on the knowledge they already have of household finances.

Enter data one time

When you enter a data item in BkAssist, we will remember it and put it all the places it needs to go, even when you change it later. There's no danger that the means test will use a different number for the mortgage payment than Schedule J or the Chapter 13 plan, to cite one trivial example.

Transitional Assistance

If the current set of forms is built into your DNA, BkAssist helps you transition to an easier way of thinking about bankruptcy cases in two ways:

  • A series of "How to..." help screens explains how to enter data that you intend to be placed on specific forms.
  • Our online Tutorials guide you through the process of setting up and filing a case.