The Innovation Leader in Bankruptcy Software

BkAssist support the bar's obligation to provide access to justice

BkAssist is the only bankruptcy software program that provides built-in support for attorneys filing pro-bono cases and for legal services organizations that have bankruptcy programs.

Special legal services license

Bona fide legal service organizations may obtain a free and perpetual license to use BkAssist for filings under all chapters.

Law school clinical training programs also qualify for this license.

To take advantage of this offer, write to us on agency or university letterhead.

Pro-bono chapter 7 cases

Private attorneys may also use BkAssist without a license to file pro-bono chapter 7 cases.

"Pro-bono" in this context means that no-one is receiving any compensation for legal representation. As debtor's counsel, you may receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses. But you cannot receive a fee from anyone.

To take advantage of this possibility to be of service to the public, download and install BkAssist in the normal way from the Download Page. While you are preparing the case, visit the Attorney Disclosure screen and check the box to indicate you are filing a pro-bono case. That will unlock all features of BkAssist, including all automation and filing capabilities.

The BkAssist Pro-Bono Challenge

We offer financial incentives to do good, too!

When you sign up for a license, you can opt to accept the BkAssist Pro-Bono Challenge, wherein you agree to file at least four pro-bono cases during the first year. In exchange, we will reduce the first-year license fee by $100 for each of those cases.

The BkAssist Pro-Bono Challenge also applies to the annual maintenance fee: promise to file pro-bono cases in the license year and knock $50 off the renewal fee, for a total savings of up to $200 off the regular renewal price.