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How to Contact Us

Here's how to contact us when you need to:

By e-mail (the preferred method)

By snail-mail

BkAssist Support Desk
267 Pearl Hill Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420

By telephone (business hours on the East Coast only, please)


By fax (so last-century!)


As a long-time TCPA litigator, Walter Oney wants you know that you may not send advertisements to this fax number. As someone who has to manually tend a balky fax machine to get it to feed paper, he asks that you not send more than one or two pages by fax.

Why no web form?

We absolutely abhor web sites that constrain the way you communicate with the owner. That's why we give you raw contact information on this page.

You're an attorney! You deal in words and e-mails all the time, so you don't need us to give you a silly form to stand in your way!