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BkAssist Automates Case Filing

You can file a case electronically with one button click in any of the 93 judicial districts that use the CM/ECF application. (The Eastern District of California has its own electronic system, which we don't support.)

CM/ECF Credentials

Record each attorney's CM/ECF login credentials in each district where you file cases on the Attorney Dialog. BkAssist remembers the username and password (in encrypted form) from then on.

As courts transition to the NextGen version of CM/ECF during 2015-2016, you won't have to do anything special except upgrade your PACER account. BkAssist already knows how to file cases in NextGen courts.

We read your local rules

We thoroughly reviewed the local rules for all the districts in a state when we built the support module. So we know what documents must be filed, how they must be packaged and in what order, and so on.

Document Preparation

Use the Generate button on the Prepare dialog to create the individual PDF files that must be filed.

You can generate exactly the documents you want by checking boxes. To prepare a complete case, a skeleton filing, or the documents needed to complete a skeleton filing, however, you need merely select a choice from a drop-down list to check the appropriate boxes.

Case Filing

Click one button on the File-It! page to kick off the many-step process of filing a case. BkAssist also files all the subsidiary documents that your local practice requires. You will see a progress bar that describes each step of the process. BkAssist will ask your permission before committing any CM/ECF transaction and especially before committing you to spend money.

We create an audit trail to help us diagnose problems with case filing, should the need arise.

Judge/Trustee Assignment and Fees

If you so request with a global setting, BkAssist can automatically request a judge, trustee, and 341 assignment after filing a case. BkAssist can also automatically pay the filing fee by credit card or ACH transfer.

We keep track of deficiencies

BkAssist creates a "packing list" detailing the contents of the PDF files it generates, and it keeps track of all the deficiencies in a filing. You can later cure the deficiencies with the same one-button convenience with which you filed the case.

We track revisions

BkAssist tracks the changes you make to documents after the initial filing. We will flag revisions according to rules you specify, which default to any revision style mandated by your local rules.


You must have a license to file cases electronically through BkAssist, unless you are filing a pro-bono Chapter 7 case.

Electronic filing is not included in a Virtual Assistant license.


If you use the three-level password scheme we recommend (master, attorney, and staff), you must login to BkAssist using either the master or the attorney password to file a case electronically.