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BkAssist Can Screen Your Court Mail

BkAssist includes—at no extra charge—an e-mail screening component to handle the blizzard of e-mail an active bankruptcy practitioner typically receives.

CM/ECF E-mail Screening

A separate component named BKAECF (a name that only a programmer could love, we admit it) runs on one of your computers to actually scan e-mails.

In proxy mode, BKAECF sits between your e-mail program and the Internet. Each time your e-mail program fetches mail messages, BKAECF scans the messages to identify the ones coming from the court. Over time, it builds up a temporary work file called courtmail.xml that records the important details of the court's message.

In standalone mode, BKAECF periodically queries your e-mail server to read and discard the messages from the court. In this mode, it builds up courtmail.xml in exactly the same way as in proxy mode.

Back-end Processing

BkAssist processes the courtmail.xml file left behind by BKAECF to do three things:
  • Build up a local copy of the docket sheet for each of your cases.
  • Download your free-look copy of every document into the DownloadedFiles folder for the affected client.
  • Update the BkAssist calendar for every event mentioned in the messages.

Deploying the Screener

You can initially install the CM/ECF screener while you are setting up BkAssist, or you can visit the General Settings sheet from within BkAssist at any time.

You'll get best results by running BKAECF (the screening program) on a computer where BkAssist is also running all the time. This procedure makes new docket entries and documents available the soonest.