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Technical Support Options

You can get help with BkAssist in several ways.


This engineering aphorism encapsulates the advice that you should always read the friendly manual as a first resort. Every BkAssist screen has a "?" button that will give you help about that screen. Every field on a BkAssist screen has a "tool tip" that you can see if you hover the mouse on the field.

Support from your peers

If you give us your e-mail address when you register your license, we'll extend an invitation to join our listserv, If you didn't get an invitation, e-mail us to ask for one.

E-mail support

E-mail us at and provide as much information as you can about your problem.

We will need the exact text of any error message you receive, plus:

  • For problems with electronic filing, please attach the EcfLogFile.txt file from the client folder.
  • For problems downloading credit reports, please attach the CreditLogFile.txt from the client folder.
  • For problems with installing or updating BkAssist, please attach the BkAssistInstallLog.txt file from your documents folder.

Telephone support

If you have an emergency during East-coast business hours, call us at 978-343-3390.

Remote support

In some cases, we may ask you to use the Remote Support option on the BkAssist Help menu to establish an Internet connection so we can remotely operate your computer. Nothing will happen if you start this process without us telling you to first.

Who Can Get Support

Support is available to users with current paid-for licenses (but not users still in the trial period).

If you don't have a license but still need help to prepare or file a pro-bono case, e-mail us anyway. If you become a pest, we'll tell you so, but we want you to be able to use BkAssist effectively for pro-bono purposes.