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Many BkAssist screens look subtly different in Version 2.0 than in Version 1.6. Check back here in November for updated screen shots.

BkAssist In Action

These story board sequences include screen shots and commentary that will give you a flavor for the BkAssist user interface.

Chapter 7

A simple Chapter 7 case for Mary Poorly.

This storyboard illustrates how you setup a new case in BkAssist and how you provide much of the information that a typical case requires.

Chapter 13

A not-so-simple Chapter 13 plan for Donald & Daisy Duck.

This storyboard is based on the District of Massachusetts. BkAssist includes the same basic plan calculator and generator with local variations for all 94 judicial districts—all at no extra charge. Check out the Chapter 13 Page for more information.

Exempting Assets

A quick overview of how BkAssist helps you exempt assets.

The "Auto Exempt All" button that you'll see on the Assets Page in this storyboard is one of the many workforce multipliers that BkAssist includes. Most of the time, you will not need to laboriously assign exemption categories and apportion the exemptions between debtors.

About the screen shots

We generated the screen shots on a computer running Windows® Vista® with the Windows Vista theme installed on top of a light blue background.

Because BkAssist uses standard Windows user interface elements, your BkAssist screens will look like every other standard Windows application. If you want day-glo borders and white type on a black background, you can have it!

And, if you want to enable standard Windows accessibility aids, BkAssist will automatically use them.