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Automation to Enhance Productivity

Your computer should do more for you than simply regurgitate data onto forms. You could accomplish that very cheaply just by using the fill-in PDF forms that and most judicial districts supply on their web sites.

Bear in mind that every one of the features described here is free with your BkAssist license.

Electronic Filing

As detailed on the Electronic Filing page, you can file cases electronically with one button click.

Chapter 13 Plans

As described on the Chapter 13 page, BkAssist includes a Chapter 13 plan calculator customized for all 94 judicial districts.

Docket maintenance

As described on the Court Mail Screening page, BkAssist will maintain a local copy of the PACER docket for each case, including a local copy of every document and claim filed in the case.

Claims Register

A single button click downloads the claims register.

PACER Case Locator

A single button click queries the PACER national case locator for cases filed under your clients' social security numbers. BkAssist automatically inserts cases filed within the past eight years in the blanks on the Voluntary Petition form.

In districts that require more extensive disclosure of prior cases, BkAssist initializes the prior case data from the PACER case locator.

Chapter 13 Information

As described on the National Data Center page, BkAssist provides one-button access to case information provided by Chapter 13 trustees.

Data Import

BkAssist includes a flexible file-import feature that you can use to import lists of creditor names and addresses, asset descriptions, liability descriptions, current and historical income-statement items for businesses, lists of shareholders, and much more. BkAssist supports import from comma-separated or tab-delimited text files, XML files, and Excel® spreadsheets.

Credit Reports

As described on the Credit Reporting page, a single mouse click followed by an intuitive reconciliation process lets you import credit data into the liability list.

Exempting Assets

A single button click allows you to assign sensible exemption categories to assets and to apportion the available exemptions according to the fractional ownership of the debtors. See this feature in action in the Exemptions Story Board.

Mailing Documents

Send mail jobs to with a single mouse click. Populate the list of documents by dragging and dropping files from the Windows file explorer or by browsing your hard drive.


Most of the automation described on this page is available only after you purchase a license. We make all of it available when you are preparing a pro-bono Chapter 7 case, however. Read more about our Access to Justice features.

Holders of Virtual Assistant licenses will use their own PACER credentials, not the credentials of their attorney clients. Electronic filing is not included in the Virtual Assistant license because every court limits use of an attorney's CM/ECF credentials.