The Innovation Leader in Bankruptcy Software

Why Choose BkAssist?

You have many choices for bankruptcy software, but BkAssist is clearly your best choice.

Superior technology

Because BkAssist was designed and implemented by a practicing bankruptcy attorney who is also a world-class programmer (see the BkAssist Technology page), it uses up-to-date Windows program interfaces to yield an idiomatic experience. Other programs date from the days of 16-bit Windows, and they show their age.

Unparalleled support

When you ask for support, you will get the author of the program. Never a Duh? moment...

We're part of the forms modernization process

We have made extensive comments about the modernized forms that are currently being designed, and many of our comments have already been adopted. We'll continue to take part, too.

We understand bankruptcy law

The Colliers Portable Pamphlet is at our elbow, the Westlaw Bankruptcy Code is on our bookshelf along with the NCLC Bankruptcy manual, and we maintain our subscription to Lexis-Nexis. We're active on the NACBA listserv. This is how a bankruptcy lawyer keeps up, and you have that expertise at your beck and call when you use BkAssist.


Other bankruptcy products are essentially glorified form-filler-outers that don't give you much extra value beyond what you could get (for free!) with the fillable PDFs the courts make available on their web sites. You need specially trained staff to run those programs, and you need to retrain that staff every time the law or the forms change. The BkAssist data-centric approach means that ordinary people (including generalist lawyers, if that's what you happen to be) can practice bankruptcy without expensive specialists on staff.


Laziness, not necessity, is the mother of innovation. Your computer can and should do much more for you than other bankruptcy programs let them. Check out the laundry list of tasks that BkAssist will do for you on the Automation page.

Software With a Social Conscience

BkAssist is the only program that's free to legal services and free to private lawyers who are representing Chapter 7 debtors for free. Your paid license helps support your peers who are helping to provide access to justice for the most disadvantaged among us.