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Per-Case Pricing

With per-case pricing, you pay for just the cases you plan to actually file. In general, if you plan to file less than 10 cases in a year, it will make financial sense to purchase a per-case license instead of a full license.

Purchase license chits online

the per-case license option. Enter the number of license chits (1-9) you want to purchase for $99 each, and follow the instructions for paying the calculated license fee.

We will e-mail you the license key you need to complete the registration process.

Download license chits from BkAssist

Select the Register choice from the Help menu within BkAssist and fill in any blanks that you haven't previously filled in. When you submit the registration request, BkAssist will download the license chits you've purchased.

Cash-in chits when you're ready to file

At the time you prepare the forms for a case, you can elect to cash in one of the downloaded chits for use in that case. Cashing in a chit unlocks all the features of BkAssist so that you can file the case just as if you had an unlimited license.

Changing the kind of license you have

You can switch back and forth between a full license (with credit for pro-bono cases) and a per-case license whenever you want. Just send us an e-mail explaining what you want to do.

Dealing with client emergencies

If a client emergency requires you to file a case before we can process your purchase of a license chit, call us or send us an e-mail marked urgent! We will issue a chit on the strength of your promise to pay for it later.

Limits on a per-case license

When you have a per-case license, there are several things you can't do until you cash in a chit for a particular case:

You can't generate unlegended documents. The Preview button will create a single PDF file with a diagonal PREVIEW legend. The Generate button will create one or more PDF files with a diagonal SAMPLE legend.

You can't use most of the BkAssist automation features. In particular, you can't serve documents via or electronically file a case.