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BkAssist Can Simplify Case Setup

Most attorneys use a client questionnaire of some sort to gather the information needed to begin setting up new cases. The EasySetup™ Questionnaire automates the process of turning a filled-out questionnaire into a skeleton case.

The EasySetup™ Questionnaire

Most questionnaires require clients to have sophisticated knowledge of financial terms, records they can easily while sitting at their computer, and the patience to accurately answer a long sequence of questions.

The EasySetup Questionnaire asks clients for just the information they are likely to know — for example, their name and address, the amount of their monthly Social Security check, etc. It does not, for example, ask them to enumerate the liens on their home because clients don't understand the legal concepts involved. Many clients will answer that they don't own their home because they think "the bank" does. They may not be aware of judgment liens. So, again for example, BkAssist asks for the amount of their monthly mortgage payment.

Setting up new cases

You will use the EasySetup portal within BkAssist to authorize particular clients to access the questionnaire over the Internet. When the client finishes, you'll press the Setup button to create — usually within seconds — the skeleton of a new BkAssist case.

Preparing the case for filing

EasySetup creates a skeleton case based on the client's input along with a checklist of tasks you need to complete in order to flesh out the case. You will still need to
  • Interview the client to gather information about areas the client flagged while filling out the questionnaire.
  • Obtain documents
  • Perform due diligence tasks such as title and UCC searches
  • Review paycheck stubs. (We strongly believe that clients will not accurately or completely enter paycheck data into a web form. That's a job best done by your support staff.)
  • And so on...

Deploying EasySetup™

EasySetup is an extra-cost option. You pay an annual fee to allow your clients to use the questionnaire. Your license will be co-extensive with your regular BkAssist license.

You and your clients can access the questionnaire at via a web browser on any device.

You can try EasySetup out for free by writing to us []. We will create a temporary license for you while you check out BkAssist and all its features.

You can also add EasySetup to your license via the Upgrade/Renew Wizard.